Vanlead Group Formally Controls Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group Of High-tech Listed Companies

Release time:2019-06-24

    Vanlead Group officially controls Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group Of High-tech Listed Companies, and has won four of the six non-independent board seats in the election of Sunward Intelligence Board of Directors. At the same time, Vanlead Group has the right to nominate two independent board seats and one supervisor seat. It has officially become Sunward Intelligence's largest shareholder and actual controller. 

    Sunward Intelligence is one of the "troikas" of Hunan construction machinery, and also a high-tech listed company with certain international influence. In 2016, Sunward Intelligence acquired Canadian Airlines AVMAX Group wholly to lay out the aviation industry. By the end of March 2019, the total assets of the enterprise were 15.1 billion yuan, with 4700 employees. 

    Firstly, we should strengthen the company's management and control

    Vanlead Group appoints general manager as legal person representative and financial director, strengthens the management and control of the company, firmly grasps the prosperity cycle of construction machinery industry, and makes it stronger, bigger and better. 

    Secondly,we should exert a cooperative effect

    Vanlead Group's existing tire and coating plate business is related to Sunward Intelligent Construction Machinery business, business collaboration will bring greater market space. 

    Thirdly, integration into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and "One Belt and One Road" construction 

    The implementation of "one body and two wings" (one refers to the development strategy of Sunward Intelligent Company, the two wings refers to the two strategic points of Hunan and Guangdong), and promotes the Southern China intelligent business area of Guangzhou intelligent equipment to Guangzhou.


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