Guangzhou Vanlead Group Holds a Working Conference On The Theme Of "Never Forget The Original Intention and Keep The Mission In Mind"

Release time:2019-06-11

    On the morning of June 6, Guangzhou Vanlead Group Co., Ltd. convened the theme education working conference of "Never Forget The Original Intention and Keep The Mission In Mind". It further studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the theme education working meeting of it. It also implemented the deployment requirements of the theme education working conference of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Committees, and carried out the theme education of "Never Forget The Original Intention and Keep The Mission In Mind" to the group. Mobilization deployment. Comrade Huang Yong, Deputy Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Party Committee of the Group, made a mobilization speech, and Comrade Zhou Weiping, Chairman of the Eleventh Circuit Guidance Group of the Thematic Education Leading Group of the Municipal Committee, made an important speech. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Wu Liangguo, Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the Group. 


Guangzhou Vanlead Group Holds a Working Conference On The Theme Of "Never Forget The Original Intention and Keep The Mission In Mind"

    Comrade Huang Yong pointed out that carrying out the theme education of "Never Forget The Original Intention and Keep The Mission In Mind" throughout the Party is a major arrangement made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core to command the great struggle, great projects, great undertakings and great dreams. 

    Comrade Huang Yong stressed that the majority of Party members and cadres in the group should fully understand the great significance of thematic education and adhere to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the unified thinking and action of the Party Central Committee in decision-making and deployment. Combining with studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions to Guangdong, we should fully understand the urgent need to carry out thematic education, to arm our minds with the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, to promote party building in state-owned enterprises in the new era, and to maintain the flesh-and-blood alliance between the Party and the cadres and workers of state-owned enterprises. The Department urgently needs to adhere to the guideline of scientific thinking and weapons, firmly establish the people-centered development idea, firmly promote the strict administration of the Party in an all-round way, take the "craftsman spirit" of day and night, rain or shine, and dare to try, do a solid job in thematic education, and contribute to the "Year of Quality Improvement and Efficiency" of the Group. Strength celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding achievements. 

    Comrade Huang Yong calls for strengthening organizational leadership and improving the quality of thematic education. Leading comrades of enterprises under the group should fulfill the responsibilities of the first responsible person. The members of the leading group of enterprises should earnestly fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities", ensure that the implementation of responsibilities, overall arrangement, supervision and guidance, publicity and guidance, and style change should be in place. 


Chairman Zhou Weiping made a speech

    Comrade Zhou Weiping fully affirmed the importance that the Party Committee of Vanlead Group attaches to thematic education. He emphasized that the Group should focus on its fundamental tasks and earnestly implement thematic education. It should grasp the general requirements of "keeping the initiative, assuming the mission, finding the gap, and implementing it". It should aim at the harvest of theoretical study, the baptism of Ideological and political education, the courage of the officers to start an undertaking and serve the people. Five specific objectives are to solve difficult problems and set an example of honesty and integrity, so as to fulfill the overall objectives and tasks; we should adhere to the "four throughout" principle and implement the work of study, investigation and reform; we should vigorously abstain from formalism, adhere to practical results, improve the way of promotion, reduce red tape and burden at the grass-roots level, so as to ensure that the theme education achieves good results with a good style of work. He pointed out that it is a major political task entrusted to the guidance group by the Municipal Committee to do a good job in thematic education guidance. It has a great responsibility and a glorious mission. According to the requirements of the Municipal Committee, the Guidance Group will conscientiously perform its duties, thoroughly understand the situation and put forward suggestions for its work, so as to be in place without offside and without exclusive guidance. Sticking to principles and strict standards is not enough for the implementation of the requirements of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Committees. It is clearly pointed out that supervision and rectification should be urged; those who have more problems and are not doing enough work should be closely followed and corrected in time; and those who engage in formality and formality should be seriously criticized and reported faithfully. 


On the scene of the meeting

    Comrade Wu Liangguo demanded that the leading bodies of enterprises should earnestly study and comprehend the spirit of the conference. They should conscientiously implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's General requirements of "4 sentences, 12 words", "5 sentences, 35 words" and "four throughout". They should combine thematic education with the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the central, provincial, municipal and group Party committees. Do a good job in all kinds of reform work to provide a strong impetus.  

     After the mobilization and deployment meeting, the headquarters of Vanlead Group will make group discussions on how to organize and carry out thematic education activities around Comrade Zhou Weiping and Comrade Huang Yong, with each Party branch as a group and each enterprise Party Committee as a theoretical learning center group. A total of 88 people participated in the mobilization meeting, including group leaders, middle-level and above managers at group headquarters, members of the leading group of enterprises under the group headquarters and staff representatives of relevant departments and departments at group headquarters. 

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