Wanli Tire Showcased At AUTOPROMOTEC 2019

Release time:2019-06-03

    From May 22 to 26, AUTOPROMOTEC 2019 opened in Bologna. Wanli Tire, with 11 tire products of WANLI, SUNNY and APTANY brands, showcased Wanli Tyre's leading R&D technology and excellent product strength, and became the most dazzling star on the exhibition site. 


    Europe is the largest tire export market in China. The Italian tire exhibition is an important exhibition in the field of automobile maintenance and maintenance in European Region. It is held every two years. Since its opening in the 1960s, it has successfully held 24 sessions, and it is one of the most influential automobile tire exhibitions in Europe. The Italian tire exhibition attracted more than 1,650 companies from more than 50 countries around the world, covering an area of 162,000 square meters. After more than 20 years of unremitting cultivation in the European market, Wanli tire, with its excellent product quality and advanced R&D strength, has gained the unanimous recognition of the vast number of European consumers and enjoyed excellent brand awareness and reputation in the European market.


    In this exhibition, Wanli tire brings a new studded winter tire, SW631 series, which is specially developed for European market. This is also its first appearance at the exhibition. Wanli tire ice and snow series SW631 is specially designed for ice road conditions, using nail insertion anti-skid technology, the whole tire can assemble up to 200 snow nails to ensure that the tire can have a strong ice grip force; it uses single-guide pattern design, can efficiently drain and snow, greatly enhance the wetland performance of tires; sharp outline, shoulder edge groove, lightning-shaped cutting. Grooves, three-dimensional cutting "claw teeth" grooves, to ensure its excellent snow control and braking. 


    Wanli Tire also showed on-site a new high-performance product, Four Seasons Series SC501, which allows car owners to cope with the changing weather and various complex road conditions. The exhibition of the two new products attracted a large number of professional audiences, and many local European agents came to Wanli tire booth specially to discuss cooperation with overseas leaders of Wanli tire, and reached the intention of cooperation.

Exhibition site



    In recent years, Wanli Tire has actively participated in large overseas exhibitions, vigorously exploited overseas markets, and achieved remarkable results. Wanli tire products sell well in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, ranking the top 50 tire enterprises in the world and the top 10 tire export enterprises in China. In terms of matching, Wanli Tire, with its stable quality level, has already matched more than 80 models of more than 20 vehicle factories, such as Dongfeng Citroen/Peugeot, Dongfeng Passenger Car, JAC Automobile, FAW Car, Guangzhou Automobile GAC, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, among which Guangzhou Automobile Honda is the first independent tire brand in Honda H standard. 

    The participation of Wanli Tire in AUTOPROMOTEC 2019 not only further cultivated the European market, but also laid the foundation for the enterprise to develop the strategy of globalization. In the future, Wanli tire will continue to exert all-round efforts in R&D, manufacturing, brand and sales, create a trinity model of global R&D, global production and global marketing, and further broaden the international territory of Wanli tire. 

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