Vanlead Group's Pearl River Chemical Coating Co., Ltd. Won Five Honors Such As "Guangdong Pioneer Enterprise In Coatings Industry"

Release time:2019-05-27

    May 19-20, the 30th anniversary celebration of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association and the 2019 Guangdong Coatings Industry Development Conference were held. Guangdong Pearl River Chemical Coatings Co., Ltd. under Vanlead Group was awarded "Guangdong Coatings Industry Pioneer Enterprise", "Guangdong Coatings Industry Association 30 Years Total Growth Enterprise", "Guangdong Coatings Standardization Excellent Enterprise", "Guangdong Coatings Top 30 Enterprises" and "Guangdong Excellent Enterprises". 

    The award further enhanced the brand awareness and market competitiveness of Pearl River Chemical Coating Co., Ltd., and laid the foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. The history of it can be traced back to 1933. It is one of the earliest national coatings enterprises in China. After years of devoted development, the product chain structure of six product clusters has been formed, with industrial, civil coatings and adhesives as the core, anticorrosive coatings as the leading factor, marine coatings, steel structure anticorrosive coatings, architectural decorative coatings, wood furniture coatings, vehicle coatings and light industrial household appliances coatings as the core, and production bases with annual capacity of 70,000 tons in Zhuhai and 20,000 tons in Shenyang have been established. It has gradually realized the national layout of the industry and is one of the largest state-owned paint manufacturers in China.


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